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Dynamic Digital Advertising has led the way in digital advertising in Pennsylvania since 1994. Included in DDA's list of core digital capabilities is the design and creation of full motion computer-generated animation. Animation can be used for video productions, internet websites, and CD-ROM advertising purposes and can show a variety of different things. Here at DDA, creating digital animation for your company’s marketing or internal purposes is done with exceptional skill and professional quality.

Computer generated animation is often used in conjunction with virtual reality by businesses to show processes that otherwise may not be observable by the human eye. For example, if a company wants to show how a large piece of machinery works but all of the work is shielded by casing, a 3D model of the machine's internal workings can be computer generated. After the digital model is created, the interior is rendered and the virtual machine animated to show its inner workings.

Macromedia Flash is an extremely popular form of Internet animation. Flash uses 2D vector graphics instead of bitmapped photographic graphics, loads quickly and can be more interactive than traditional HTML. Internet animation can also be 3D or virtual in construction, such as a 360-degree rotating company logo.

The CD-ROM is a user-friendly marketing or training tool that can benefit from the integration of a web-based layout, audio, video, animation, virtual reality and 3D modeling. The use of Quicktime, Macromedia Director and Flash animation helps the CD-ROM become interactive and engaging. Company catalogs can come to life with product models and 360-degree spins. Demonstrations of the proper use of a product or piece of equipment can be presented with coordinated audio and animated video content that can be controlled by the viewer through web-like interfacing.

Through digital animation in videos, CD-ROMs, and internet graphics, companies can bring their marketing to a new level. Products can be accurately depicted, catalogs brought to life, and websites given a sleek and modern look. Using Quicktime, Macromedia Flash and Director, digitally animated sequences can be smooth and professional. Dynamic Digital Advertising has been ahead of the trends in digital advertising since 1994. Let DDA take your company into the 21st century with exceptional digital graphics, rendering and animation for your next advertising endeavor.

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